Top 5 Ways To Make Your Venue Look Amazing!

January 27, 2017


We know you want your venue to look AMAZING! And we also know you want your guests to think WOW! (Jaws dropping, gasps and everything)


Transforming your venue can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming though and can be really difficult to decide on ideas that compliment your venue.


Luckily this is where your venue dresser comes in handy (I knew I had a use...!) We can help you choose, offer ideas that you may not have thought of, help you coordinate colours and most importantly we then go to your venue and create your ideas into reality! (Now aren't we kind?!) 


But just to give you a starting point, here's a few simple tricks to transform your venue...



1. CANDLES....EVERYWHERE! (And I mean everywhere!)


Nothing adds ambiance more than candles, they light up the room and can really transform the feel of your venue. Your venue dresser will advise you on how many so that it's enough to wow but not that much that you commit arson! (There's a thin line between ambiance and fire hazard........apparently!)


2. Embrace YOUR style (whatever that might be - bring on the crazy!)


Have you and your significant other travelled the world? Incorporate items/photographs you've collected! Do you have a shared hobby? Tie it in! Did you meet in a bizzare way? Add hints about how you met to your table numbers! Whatever your style EMBRACE it, don't shy away. It's your wedding, so therefore it should look like your wedding!


3. Dare I say it??? MIX up your centrepieces! (Too late I've said it now!)


Who said you had to have 10 centrepieces all the same??? Yawn! Why not go for complimenting alternates or even more daring a different type per table! Don't be scared to be different. Your venue dresser can best advice you on how they can be coordinated to still look like they belong to the same wedding. Again there's a fine line between quirky and chaotic!


4. Don't be scared of BOLD, BRIGHT colours....(BOO!)


Yes everyone loves a classic white wedding and there is no doubt that they look elegant. BUT don't be scared to really wow your guests with a truly magnificent multi-coloured wedding. They look fun, and they make you feel happy! An experienced venue dresser/florist will certainly be able to offer suggestions on what colours really POP!


5.TRUST your venue dresser (we're lovely people, we don't bite!)


This one is absolute key. Find a professional venue dresser who you love and trust (we loved to be loved, we're needy like that!)

This way you can be certain that no matter what your budget your venue will look amazing because your venue dresser will go to above and beyond.



Looking for a professional venue dresser? You're in luck, we happen to be one! Get in touch to see how we can transform your venue.


Call: 01925 871109


Visit: Simply Weddings & Events, Hatters Centre, Warrington, WA1 1XP



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Top 5 Ways To Make Your Venue Look Amazing!

January 27, 2017

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